Who We Are

One Step Forward is a group of professionals brought together by I.P.T.T. Ltd who have been practicing in the world of Social Work for many years. They have been providing training services for statutory and voluntary organisations in Adult care, Children and Families and Probation Services.

Rob Gunnell founded I.P.T.T. Ltd in 2002 to provide independent practice teaching for universities in the Midlands area and to provide training at the 'coalface' for foster carers, residential workers, family support and social work practitioners. After a successful start, the company's remit has been developed and widened so that we now commission-in highly experienced and skilled practitioners, trainers and consultants who are specialists in their field. On-going contracts with five local authorities and several leading independent agencies serve as testimony to the quality of service delivery.

Why We Are Here

Our aim at One Step Forward is to create a service which assists practitioners to understand at a deeper level the needs of the people they serve. We want to provide an environment for learning which is refreshing, challenging and (hopefully) fun whilst attaching importance to offering services which are relevant to the overall 'Learning and Development Plan' for the organisation. One Step Forward's training supports the government’s initiative for continual professional development.

We also aim to offer space prior to any service delivery for:

  • exploring the organisation's learning needs;

  • getting to grips with procedures and policies- to inform and provide context to the delivery;

  • examining ways of maximising learning via post consultation, supervision or follow up workshop events.

We look forward to working with you and your organisation in providing the training and development that you need.  

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